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The mission of the Kyle Daniel Kerpan Foundation is to support and enhance the well-being of pediatric brain tumor patients through programs and activities developed to help and encourage them to reach their full potential, and to further develop programs for siblings of pediatric brain tumor patients to champion their interests and nurture their well-being.  The Foundation will also support outreach and awareness programs to educate the public and raise public awareness of pediatric brain tumors and assist in unifying efforts for pediatric brain tumor research.

My Thoughts and Hopes for these children….

all3Each of them live a life different from those around them…they encounter many moments of fear…many moments of pain….and many moments of uncontrollable emotions….they live their disease each day of their lives…a disease that brings many constraints and many unknowns….they deserve a life that is better…that will provide some freedom from this disease….that will allow them to feel safe…that will give them a life where they can be accepted just the way they are…..a life where they can find calm, support and be able to feel a sense of peace from all that goes on around them….
Joan Kerpan
Kyle’s mom

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