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Kyle's Peace

Our son Kyle was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 2 1/2 years old. He lost his long fight when he was 11. During these years Kyle learned to live around his tumor, not with it. He did not live in fear of his life but in love with his life. Kyle never fully knew the depth of his disease; we just never went to that possible place. He just knew that his life was different from those around him and endured endless pokes and endless chemotherapies managing to rise above the pain and discomfort that came with each one. He did it with grace, with trust and with undoubting hope. In his short life, Kyle met Phil Collins and he met Rachel Ray and brought a smile and a laugh to all those around him… he brought a peace and calm to his illness… Kyle’s Peace… a peace to now be shared with others who continue this fight along side him.


I would just say try to ignore the pain, try to think of something else. That’s what I do when everything’s hurting. Think of things you love…like, with me, I like cookbooks or fishing books…or music, my favorite is Phil Collins…