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The foundation will provide a supportive, calming and nurturing environment where children with brain tumors and their parents and siblings can find respite, resources and programs to reduce stress and enhance their quality of life. An environment where they can be accepted just the way they are; free of all the constraints and all the unknowns they are forced to live with…this is what we will do…

  • Through coordination with the hospital facilities we will attempt to connect and establish an ongoing relationship with families early on in the process.

  • We will then connect them to available resources and information about the disease.

  • We will establish a connection with siblings and help them forward through their journey.

  • We will provide or connect patients, parents and siblings to yoga and massage and other stress reduction techniques.

  • We will work with the Pediatric Oncology and Radiation Oncology clinics to make the treatment process less frightening and stressful

  • We will conduct seminars and workshops to bring awareness to the disease and provide support to families living with it.

  • We will provide special activities and programs to include those things that Kyle loved…cooking, music and fishing too…

  • We hope to someday have a permanent place where people can come and experience Kyle’s Peace…